Greg’s Grains

Greg’s Grains are ground by hand and consists of a blend of oats, sunflower seeds and barley flakes. A cup of yogurt and about four ounces of Greg’s Grains provides much of the protein needed for the day and most of the fiber.

Eating Greg’s Grains with yogurt is one of the several ways to enjoy this food.  If you combine Greg’s Grains with a cup of yogurt, you will be full for several hours.

Nutrition and satisfaction are just two of the several benefits of eating Greg’s Grains.  This economical meal is convenient and low fat.  Instead of feeling sluggish after eating a traditional meal, you will be energetic.

You can make your own Greg’s Grains by grinding oatmeal and adding any other ground grain you like. Then, you can begin to satisfy your appetite.  Perhaps you’ll even lose weight without dieting or feeling hungry!